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AutoConX offers solution for Craigslist price hike
The online classified giant will begin charging auto dealers to list vehicles on their platform next month. Publishers need to be poised to take advantage of this shift, and AutoConX is the answer.

AutoConX gets a new website
We recently re-designed our website to provide the viewer better understanding of all the services we offer.

AutoConx wins the ICMA Award
AutoConx Systems, Digital Community Holdings, Inc. of Inwood, Iowa - USA wins first ever ICMA...

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Consumers never stay the same. They're constantly changing their buying habits. Before they consider doing business with you, customers demand a website experience with plenty of information. If you want to sell more, then your dealership website needs to change right along with them.

We can offer you our experience in developing whatever type of website you require - from a smaller, independent dealer site to a large, franchise dealer site offering a variety of specialized functions. We specialize in used cars, pickup, and other vehicles for sale, as well as used tractors, combines, and other farm equipment for sale.

Connect with buyers more effectively through a custom dealer website design that increases customer satisfaction, and drives your sales to a higher level. Take a test drive demo with us today by calling 1-800-944-3276 ext. 3.

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